We’re a little bit OTT here …..

* thats, Open, Transparent & Trustworthy *

What you see is what you get, so we welcome our clients to come and visit us. In the printing industry we know it can be hard to really know who has what, and that is particularly true when you are placing jobs on behalf of your own clients. Its important to know who you are dealing with, are indeed who they say they are.

By visiting our Laindon production facility, you will get a full understanding of the capability we have in house, and it will also give us a full understanding of your own print requirements and how we can ensure we give you the best possible service we can. You will also get to meet the team here, who will be taking care of your work from start to finish.

There was a reason we generically named our new production facility

” The Print Centre” 

Should you need to use our facilities to show your clients around, then we are more than happy to open up the doors and do what we need to, in order to give your customers the WOW factor. Our discression and professionalism is always at the forefront of what we are about and we will never compromise our trade relationships. A simple call to let us know you want to give someone a guided tour, or a client wants to press pass a job, or you simply need to use the facilities for a meeting is all you need to do, and leave the rest in our capable hands.