As a trade printer, more often than not we do a LOT of work for very high profile global brands through a number of Print intermediaries – such as Print Brokers, Print Management Companies & Marketing / PR Agencies. Whilst this is the bread and butter, and often the life blood of our business – we can’t publicly promote any of the work that we do for them – which for us is a bit of a shame, but thats the name of the game!

For a long time now, we know that one of our very trusted business associates Jim Jordan who we know (like & trust!) through our BNI network has been working with the young dynamic company Liquiproof as their business coach, and for a while now Jim has tried to introduce us to the company with a view to working on their print packaging needs.

For those who don’t know, Liquiproof had huge success when founder Caner Veli took himself into the Den, and delivered a top presentation to the infamous Dragons and then secured investment from Touker Suleyman.

I’m a big believer in making things happen in business, but sometimes you really do have to rely on “timing” to help things along, and in the case of the business relationship between RT Litho & Liquiproof that was never more the case.

I was scheduled to do my Feature Presentation at my home BNI chapter – which for a print company can encompass covering so many things – so in the weeks leading up to this, I was looking around for some inspiration – this would have now been about my 5th or 6th time I’d presented to my group and I didn’t want to scare the group with the old “Christmas” ideas in July. But I kind of thought it would be a good idea to talk about our facility in house to work on packaging and other associated items.

As luck would have it, I then found out that Jim was bringing Caner along that day to visit our group = PERFECT TIMING I thought. I know how good we are at what we do here, so an opportunity to present in front of someone who would be an ideal direct client for us! Liquiproof

Jim happened to call me the day before, requesting that I please bring some packaging examples and talk about that, as Liquiproof’s current supplier had just gone into administration and their entire production line was suffering hugely as a result.

For me this was a great opportunity, as I’m sure anyone with the same capability would think.

Long story short, We had a very great meeting that day with Liquiproof in our production facility, and was then asked to start work oLiquiproofn recreating their outer packaging – We needed to shorten lead times and be as cost effective as we could.

We managed to deliver 2000 boxes to them in 2 weeks (knocking a considerable amount of time off their previous production time) and we are building a great rapport with the team down there to handle as much of their printing & packaging as possible. In that short space of time, we revamped business cards and created some really great thick triplex cards coming in at about 900gsm, large format poster work, and then most recently some die cut droplet shaped beer mats for their Pantiles Pop Up concept. We have so much more in the pipeline we are working on with them.

It’s a very exciting time for us to be working with a company that is already SO hugely successful and will continue to grow as time goes on. We are happy to be a part of their journey and place a real value on what we are doing that counts towards it.

And a thanks to Jim, who’d of thought bringing a one time visitor to the group, could open up such a huge opportunity for us. You absolutely can’t beat word of mouth referrals, and this pretty much proves it.

If you haven’t seen the Dragon’s Den pitch – take a look below!

I look forward to showing you more of our work with Liquiproof as time goes on!

For any enquiries you might have relating to any print work from a business card to a pen to product packaging – please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or call 01268 415253


Clair 🙂