Word Of Mouth Recommendations Just Became SOCIAL! 


It’s no longer just about the “printed” image that your business or clients portray, over a period of time, RT Litho have built up an incredibly experienced team who specialise in Social Media Marketing which is another extension to the Marketing efforts that businesses now HAVE to consider in order to really build a bullet proof brand. Social Media Marketing is pretty much the equivalent of “word of mouth” recommendations online, and people all over are now looking to Social Media channels to promote and share their services, products, brands and stories, in a fun, yet credible fashion.

There is a lot more to “doing” social media than just a simple Facebook update, or 140 character tweet – how do you know where you need to be? How do you manage to be “everywhere” at once AND still run your business at the same time?

RT Litho have specialist services designed specifically for our clients, both trade and direct which will take the stress of running social media campaigns away and allow you to focus your time in the other key areas you need too.

We offer many services under this umbrella including:

  • Luna Hornchurch

    Social Media Design for Facebook & Twitter

    Social Media Health Check

  • Consultancy – setting goals and targets – What do you want to achieve?
  • Design & set up of Social channels
  • Social Media Management
  • One off managed Social Media campaigns
  • 121 Training – to really understand the basics
  • Social Media advertising campaigns (Facebook Ad’s, Promoted Tweets, Sponsored LinkedIn posts etc)

We are based in a pretty central location near Basildon, Essex and have the facilities here for clients to come in, discuss options, get some great basic training on all the tips and tricks you could need. Its often good to pop in and see us, theres always tea & biscuits on the go! So if you are local or in the area – then drop by and see us to discuss kickstarting a Social Media plan.

The basic idea of using Social Media is to turn your fans into Brand Ambassadors and more importantly, PAYING customers ! 

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